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industrial bread depanner

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AOCNO Depanner conveyor belt is a solution for industrial bakery. The basic function of Depanner is to help workers take out the bread from the trays and place the depanned bread on the bread conveyor belt. Our depanner belts are very suitable for online depanning of various baked products such as bread, buns and pizza.


The parts of the machine in contact with the bread are made of high-quality materials, which are harmless to the food industry and have a long lifespan.

 bread depanner

A belt composed of cups moves the surface of the main frame and makes it hollow from the inside, which helps the induced draft fan to extract air from the gap formed by the cut part. Therefore, when the belt with several cups moves over this gap, it will generate partial suction and pull the bread. When the belt leaves this part, it will put the bread on the conveyor belt.


AOCNO depanner machine can be installed on existing production lines and can be used on most production lines.




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