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AOCNO bakery used cooling tower hot sale

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Spiral cooling tower is a device that reduces the temperature of high-temperature baked food to the required temperature through spiral conveyor,mainly used to cool hamburgers, moon cakes, toasts, French breads, and various baked foods such as hot dog and pastry, It is also suitable for dough cooling, freezing and fermentation process. When you need a larger bread output and a longer variety of cooling time, we can customized for your large and small spiral towers, single towers and double towers.


spiral cooling conveyor

All the spiral cooling towers of AOCNO are manufactured to order, the length, width, diameter, height of the tower and others,

All have been custom-designed to fully meet customer needs. The spiral cooling tower can be used for natural cooling in a cool room or freezer.


Space saving through spiral structure

The machine size is calculated according to the required fermentation time and fermentation capacity

Automatic adjustment of heat and humidity levels




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