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Aocno Dough Mixer Order Delivered

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dough mixer

Aocno is a professional manufacturer of bakery machine line , which has been producing and exporting bakery machines since 1984. In particular, Dough Mixers are sold to more than 400 customers in 70 countries around the world.

This is an order for customers from Australia. Are you going to get a new dough mixer to improve your work efficiency

dough mixer packing

This is a detailed view of the Dough Mixer. The machine has few parts, which could wear out, meaning the dough mixer needs little maintenance. Its engineered construction has no complicated mechanics.

We will place one piece in a  wooden box according to size and weight, and we will seal around it and write the package details on the outside.

In addition, we do our best to meet customer's order requireswhith different sizes. Therefore, if you need to order a large number of machines, please place an order in advance.

Aocno is committed to a long-term project for bakery machine that provide a long-term. If you agree with our ideas or are interested in bakery machine, please contact us.




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