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Automatic Tilting Dough Mixer

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The AOCNO is professional manufacturer of baking machinery. The AOCNO devotes themselves to the bakery equipment’s research and development.

AOCNO focus on offering the bakery bread factory and food baking factory. We can based on your special needs to offer you the customized baking machines.

The AOCNO automatic tilting dough mixer, coupled with a dependable and safe hydraulic elevator-tipper. This innovative system provides the time saving facility to vertically raise and rotate the mixer to tip the dough directly onto a suitable bench or work surface.


1) The mixer is equipped with touch-type computer control panel, the rotating barrel and the stirring hook has two different speeds, fast and slow, and the hook can do the conversion between forward and reverse.

2) The belt of the mixer is american product,the bearing is japaness product. All the parts of the mixer are the high quality products. Thus it can ensure the mixer’s high durability.

4) The water absorption can reach to 60%.

5) The mixer is equipped with safety net cover. When people open the working machine cover, the machine will be automatically powered off.

6) Strong power, suitable for industrial production of various hard and soft doughs and high-gluten doughs.

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