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Here's The Remarkable Thing About The Dough Mixer

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Dough Mixer

Our commercial dough mixers for all dough, pastry, batter, mixing, and kneading applications. We have Removable Dough Mixer and Automatic Tilting Dough Mixer.There are some tips for you.


1. Place the dough mixer in a dry and stable place and make sure it is firm.
2. Before use, make sure that the power supply matches the power supply required by the machine and that the external ground wire is firmly connected.
3. Make sure that the flour mixing amount is lower than the maximum mixing amount. Flour capacity.
4. Before starting, make sure that the safety guard has been lowered.
5. Do not put your hands or hard objects into the bowl during operation.
Do not operate without a protective shell.

1. Continuous operation is not recommended, please let the Dough Mixer take regular breaks.
2. After each use, please clean the Dough Mixer to avoid the growth of bacteria.
3. Special grease is installed in the gearbox, which can be used for six months. To add or replace grease, the upper cover must be removed.

Note: Before maintaining the equipment, you must unplug the machine from the power socket.


Q:  The mixing shaft does not rotate after opening.
A:   Check the circuit and tighten all loose connectors.

Q:  The square pole trembled.
A:   Tighten the bolt.

Q:  The temperature of the motor increases or exceeds the normal level, or the operating speed of the motor decreases.
A:  Remove some products.

Q:  The gearbox is very loud.
A:  Add or replace grease or tighten the chain.

Q:  The blender hits the bowl during operation.
A:   Repair or replace deformed parts.

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