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High-speed Toast Slicer

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The AOCNO company is the professional bakery equipment manufacturer, we have the worldwide customers. If you are running the bakery factory, the AOCNO company would be your best cooperator to help you build your own madern baking factory. Our major products are hamburger production line, toast prodcution line and cake production line. All these three production line are consist of many different bakery machines. Like the sprial cooler, bakery tunel oven, dough mixer, proofer and etc,.

When you are runninig a bakery factory, getting modern baking machines will help you to increase the working efficiency and make sure the product is technically fit the standard. The high-speed slicer is the key equipment for the toast line.

The AOCNO high speed slicer will be your good help. The slicer is mainly composed of the conveyor belt, electric boxm, saw blade driving roller, saw blade, correction device, control button and outlet roller conveyor. All parts of the slicer in made of the stainless steel to make sure taht there will be no rusty problem that would infect the food safety. It can be widely used in the bakeries, restaurants, hotels, food factories and supermarkets.


Here are the specification of the slicer:

Size: 750 * 1700 * 1950mm

Power: 380V * 3KW

Capacity: 1500-1800 / h

Section thickness: standard 12 or 15mm (other thickness can be customized)

The AOCNO High-speed Slicer is specially designed to fit the toast slicing processss. The slicer can control the cutting accurately and keep the surface of the bread flat. The blade of the slicer ia made of the stainless steel, which can maintain the sharpness for a long time. It won’t cuase too much noise while it’s working.

If you are interested in this product, please contact us immediately.

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