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How to master the baking time and temperature

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There are many novice bakers who are not sure about the time and oven temperature when making cakes, which leads to the hard-worked cakes that are not cooked or cooked thoroughly. In this article, let’s talk about this problem.


The baking temperature and time to be used during baking are mainly determined by the following factors:

         1. Types of cakes


The higher the sugar content of the cake, the lower the baking temperature should be, so that the cake can be baked normally and not easily caramelized;


2, the volume of the cake


The larger the cake volume, the lower the baking temperature, so that the center of the cake can be cooked thoroughly without the bottom and surroundings being burnt;


3, the quality of the cake


The cake with rich texture, the lower the baking temperature, because it is not easy to turn the excess sugar into caramel and burn it. The cheaper the cake needs to be baked at a higher temperature, which can prevent the cake from being too dry;


4, the thickness and density of the cake


High-density cakes such as oil-based cakes should be baked at low temperature. The oil-bottom cake needs a longer time to bake because it has a finer structure. Sponge cake does not need to be baked for too long, because its structure is looser. Therefore, the temperature can be increased to maintain its temperature and texture;


5. Oven load


When the load of the oven reaches its peak, its temperature will drop the fastest. The temperature of the oven can be increased by 5~10℃. When the load is low, the temperature can be lowered. At this time, the temperature should be lowered by 5~10℃.


The temperature of each oven is different. Some will be higher and some will be lower. It is best to buy a thermometer for the oven and compare the temperature above to reduce the failure rate.


Baking requires more than just interest, patience, meticulous and strict operation is the key to completion. Of course, we must sum up experience from failure and find confidence in success. Sometimes, even things made by different people with the same recipe are very different, so those who love baking must not be discouraged.


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