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The features of the AOCNO baking machinery

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Hebei AOCNO Baking Machinery Co.,Ltd founded in 1984. We supply all types of Baking Machinery with good performance.

The baking machinery equipment is a good baking equipment for cookies, bread, cakes, moon cakes and other foods. AOCNO's technical staffs draw on the advantages of similar products, and carefully designed and manufactured energy-saving products are currently domestic food baking equipment. This equipment with three different fuel,diesel, gas and electric.
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Features of AOCNO baking machinery

Oven system lock of baking machinery
System lock prevents accidental use of the oven
Even in the event of a power failure, the system lock will remain active.

Cooling fan of baking machinery
When the cooking program is started, the cooling fan will automatically turn on. The cooling fan mixes the hot air in the oven cavity with the cold air in the room, and then discharges it into the kitchen through the ventilation holes between the appliance door and the control panel.
After the program is completed, the cooling fan will continue to run for a period of time to prevent moisture from accumulating in the oven, control panel, or surrounding cabinets.
When the temperature in the oven drops sufficiently, the cooling fan will automatically turn off.

Ventilated oven door of baking machinery
The oven door is made of glass plate with a heat reflective coating on part of its surface.
Air will also circulate through the door to keep the outer panel cool during operation.
Door can be disassembled and disassembled for cleaning

Security door lock, self-cleaning
For safety reasons, the door will be locked after the self-cleaning program is started. After the self-cleaning process is complete, the door will remain locked until the oven temperature drops below 535°F (280°C).

PerfectClean surface of baking machinery
The revolutionary PerfectClean surface treatment is a smooth, non-stick surface that is very easy to clean.
Food and dirt produced by baking or roasting are easily removed.




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