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AOCNO Spiral cooling tower conveyor

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AOCNO industrial bakery equipment is superior in quality to ensure the ideal performance and efficiency of your bakery.


Our baking equipment with professional experience will greatly simplify your production and significantly reduce operating costs. Whether you are producing all kinds of breads, cakes or pizzas. Our goal is to provide customers with commercial baking equipment solutions at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining only the highest level of performance and support.


Spiral cooling conveyor technology allows us to provide solutions for natural air spiral cooling and fast freezing chamber spiral cooling; both solutions have unique functions and advantages. In either case, the design of the cooling conveyor system can easily adapt to any production needs and any type of bread or cake.


AOCNO's cooling tower series are the most economical food cooling solutions because they are compatible with any type of food and are easy to install. The versatility of the entire system allows users to make full use of the available space without limiting production output.




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