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The cake production line achieves efficient and continuous production

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The cake production line is designed to automate the process of sorting, distributing, and positioning cakes, breads, and pastries. It incorporates various equipment and stages to achieve efficient and continuous production. Here is a breakdown of the key components and their functions:

1. Dough Mixer: This machine is responsible for mixing the cake batter or dough, ensuring the ingredients are thoroughly combined.

2. Pumping: The pumping stage involves transferring the mixed batter or dough to the filling machine or depositor for further processing.

3. Filling: In this stage, the batter or dough is deposited into molds or trays, forming the desired shapes or portions.

4. Oven Infeed: The trays with filled batter or dough are fed into the baking oven for the baking process.

5. Baking Oven: The baking oven is where the cakes, breads, or pastries are subjected to controlled heat to achieve the desired texture, color, and flavor.

6. Out Line: Once the baking process is complete, the baked goods move out of the oven through the out line, where they are further processed.

7. Depanner: The depanner is responsible for removing the baked goods from the trays or molds, ensuring a smooth transition to the next stage.

8. Cooling Machine: After being depanned, the baked goods are transferred to a cooling machine where they are cooled down to an appropriate temperature.

9. Aligning: In the aligning stage, the baked goods are aligned and arranged in a specific order or formation for packaging.

10. Packaging: The final stage involves packaging the cakes, breads, or pastries, ready for distribution and sale. This can include various packaging methods such as sealing, wrapping, or boxing.

The production line is equipped with an automatic plate dividing machine to separate the trays automatically and continuously, ensuring a smooth and efficient production process. The conveyor belt used in the line is made of food-grade and anti-bacterial PU material, ensuring hygiene and product safety. The control system incorporates imported electrical components, an intelligent PLC control system, and a touch screen display for easy operation and monitoring of the production line.




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