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  • AOCNO baking dough mixer
    AOCNO baking dough mixer

    Dough mixers are the favorite of most artisan bread bakers because they can minimize the heat input into the yeast dough and properly form a gluten structure without over-processing the dough.

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  • Different bread making machine
    Different bread making machine

    AOCNO bakery equipment is used to process bakery products formed from dough. Various machines of the bakery equipment include bread systems, dough mixers,dough divider and rounder machines,moulder machines, and ovens. In the global baking processing equipment market, the number of baking equipment

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  • Stainless Steel Bread Spiral Conveyor Automatic Bun Bread Baking Production Line
    Stainless Steel Bread Spiral Conveyor Automatic Bun Bread Baking Production Line

    Stainless steel bread spiral cooling conveyor system towerThe cooling towerThe spiral cooling tower can realize continuous and automatic production, which greatly reduces the labor cost.The belt speed of the spiral cooling tower is adjustable, so the residence time from inlet to outlet is very flexi

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  • Application of the Aocno bread making machine
    Application of the Aocno bread making machine

    ​Aocno tunnel oven is made of high quality materials and components, all made of stainless steel, quality assurance. Modular manufacturing can be easily added to existing production lines, providing you with a variety of options for choosing products and manufacturing processes.

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  • Aocno bread making machine under the epidemic
    Aocno bread making machine under the epidemic

    AOCNO knows what problems need to be solved to improve the production performance of bread manufacturers, which is why we are developing and building production lines for bread manufacturers all over the world. Our baking equipment adopts a modular structure, so the machine can be easily added to an

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  • Ambient spirals cooler
    Ambient spirals cooler

    Ambient spirals are commonly used in bakery and snack food production. These products have a low heat load and easily emit heat. The space organization of the AOCNO spiral cooling tower is serpentine, customized, and the space between the layers is small. It Will take up less space, the shape of the

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  • AOCNO bread making machine
    AOCNO bread making machine

    The increase in demand for fast food has prompted manufacturers to expand their production capacity and increase the demand for processed food during the forecast period. Rising labor costs,increased energy costs, and the cost of bakery product ingredients are expected to force end-use manufacturers

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  • Parts of a Commercial Dough Mixer
    Parts of a Commercial Dough Mixer

    In most cases, commercial dough mixing consoles have common components and functions.Most dough blenders will include front and rear covers, safety/bowl covers, mixing device accessories, bowl lifting wheels or levers, bowls, and power and speed controls.Different Types of Commercial MixersThe dismo

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  • Development of Baking oven
    Development of Baking oven

    AOCNO's baking ovens are designed and developed with safety and health standards in mind.The global tunnel oven industry often offers custom-made ovens to better accommodate various baking forms.AOCNO baking machinery co., LTD. Tunnel oven has direct combustion and indirect combustion of two ways, g

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  • Development of tunnel oven
    Development of tunnel oven

    The manufacture of tunnel ovens always incorporates the hygienic standards of baked goods into the design. Companies in the global tunnel oven industry usually provide customized oven to better adapt to baking. The main factor driving the demand for tunnel ovens is the rapid growth in demand for baked products.

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