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Are you looking for auto bakery equipment?

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AOCNO has been a prominent player in the bakery machine industry for over 36 years. Their primary focus is on bread production lines, including hamburger bun/hot dog production lines, toast production lines, and cake lines. The company is renowned for its tunnel ovens and spiral cooling tower conveyors, which are highly sought after in the market. They offer customization options based on specific capacity and layout requirements.

AOCNO has actively participated in various international exhibitions to showcase their products. In 2012, they attended Bakery China in Shanghai, followed by their presence at IBA in Munich, Germany in 2018, IBIE in Las Vegas, USA in 2019, and GulfHost in Dubai, UAE in the same year. By continuously staying informed about industry trends and customer needs, AOCNO strives to keep moving forward and delivering what their clients require.

The company's history dates back to 1984 when it was established in Hengshui, Hebei, China, primarily engaging in domestic trade. In 1999, they decided to expand into foreign markets and promote their brand internationally due to product innovation and improved quality. They also built a new factory area spanning 9,000 square meters. A significant milestone occurred in 2007 when AOCNO secured a $20 million order from the Cuban government, further fueling their growth and earning praise from customers worldwide.

In 2008, AOCNO became a supplier of bakery equipment for the Beijing Olympics Games, solidifying their position in the domestic market. By 2012, their products had been exported to over 80 countries, driving international expansion. As of 2019, their equipment was being utilized in more than 8,000 baking factories worldwide, highlighting the company's widespread impact and reputation in the industry.




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