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Baking used Dough divider

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Due to the increase in labor costs, bread manufacturers are required to produce products with higher accuracy. If product capacity is increased, more bakers will use dough dividers.while the trend towards artisan bread, gluten-free products and wet dough presents a challenge for equipment suppliers to keep up and provide machines that meet requirements.


dough divider

AOCNO's vacuum screw divider has a rugged chassis, which is very suitable for high-industrial baking production line.The processing weight ranges between 30-1500 grams, and the processing capacity is between 1000 and 7500 pieces per hour.


Accuracy, reliability and low cost of ownership are the hallmarks of the AOCNO baking bread dough dividers. They are durable, easy to operate and maintain; there are a variety of capacity  combinations to choose from, covering a variety of applications from bun breads, hot dogs bread and pizza bases to toasts, French sticks and other breads.

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