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Introduction of Spiral Cooling Tower Conveyor

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During the production and processing of small bread cakes, it needs to be cooled for a long time, and then the next step of packaging and processing after cooling. In the process of cooling and conveying small bread cakes, the support of cooling equipment is required. For small quantities, simple linear cooling conveyors can be used for conveying or tray brackets for natural cooling, and it takes 10-30 minutes. However, if the output per hour is more than 500 kg, or more than 2 tons per hour, special food cooling and conveying equipment is required for cooling in a short time, such as a spiral cooling tower.

The spiral cooling tower conveyor adopts a spiral rising conveying form, with low entry and high exit or low entry and low exit. The conveying speed can be adjusted freely through the frequency converter, which improves the conveying efficiency and saves labor costs.

AOCNO bread cake spiral cooling tower conveyor are equipped with best frequency changer, high-quality reduction box, and schneider electric components. The conveyor belt is made of stainless steel and the skeleton is made of stainless steel square tubes. Therefore, spiral cooling tower is a good choice for food factories to expand production scale and increase production capacity requirements. We can design a spiral cooling tower equipment suitable for you according to your product type, output requirements, site conditions, etc.




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