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Parts of a Commercial Dough Mixer

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In most cases, commercial dough mixing consoles have common components and functions.Most dough blenders will include front and rear covers, safety/bowl covers, mixing device accessories, bowl lifting wheels or levers, bowls, and power and speed controls.

part of commerial dough mixer

Different Types of Commercial Mixers

removable dough mixer

tilting dough mixer

The dismountable dough mixer has strong power and is suitable for industrial production and all kinds of soft and hard dough and high gluten dough.Import key components.

Made of high strength steel and stainless steel, the agitator is a durable hydraulic power unit.The machine is matched with our dough dispenser, which can adapt to various baking food production lines and improve production efficiency.

9 "Siemens touch screen closed mixing bowl cover can be set more than 10 mixing procedures, automatic powder mouth, can retain the water inlet, and can be connected with automatic powder feeding system and automatic batching system, completely reduce manual operation, greatly improve work efficiency.

Suitable for industrial production of all kinds of hard and soft dough and high gluten dough, it can automatically tilt the dough to the automatic dough dispensing machine.




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