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Ambient spirals cooler

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Ambient spirals are commonly used in bakery and snack food production. These products have a low heat load and easily emit heat.


The space organization of the AOCNO spiral cooling tower is serpentine, customized, and the space between the layers is small. It Will take up less space, the shape of the spiral can be customized according to your needs: round or oval.




Customized spiral conveyor belts are suitable for spiral cooling towers in the cooling process of all bread production lines.


The AOCNO spiral conveyor is sturdy and durable, and can be used to transport products up and down. A large number of conveyor belts can be used while occupying a small space. At the same time, it provides a cost-effective way to continuously cool large amounts of food.


The AOCNO spiral tower is suitable for cooling or freezing. When designing the spiral tower, we must consider your product size , capacity and space, and provide flexible and hygienic solutions that can meet individual production requirements and optimize space And to ensure high performance.




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