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Development of Baking oven

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Aocno baking ovens are designed and developed with safety and health standards in mind.The global tunnel oven industry often offers custom-made ovens to better accommodate various baking forms.

AOCNO baking machinery co., LTD. Tunnel oven has direct combustion and indirect combustion of two ways, give full play to the advantages of tunnel oven

The demand for tunnel-type roasters is expected to continue to grow as disposable incomes rise and purchasing power parity rises.


Development of Baking oven

Development of Baking oven

The advantages of Baking oven:

Heated evenly

Reduce artificial

Large quantity

Baking oven parameters:

The tunnel oven is made of high quality stainless steel raw materials, Japanese automatic operation chain, world famous control elements, SEW, NSK, Schneider, Omron, Delta, etc., which can make the oven life up to 20 years, compared with the batch oven, to ensure that at least save manpower.




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