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Features and applications of the moulder machine

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Our dough moulder is perfect for forming dough for bread, such as French Bread, hot dog bread, dinner roll and etc. What's more, it is suitable for making pizza, toast, Chinese bun, including spring onion cake, red turtle, Chinese burger bread, pretzels, doughnuts, etc. 

The moulder machine features four sanitary polypropylene rollers, constituting a set of upper and lower rollers. The clearance of the upper and bottom rollers can be adjusted in accordance with the volume and hardness of the dough, pressing dough to clear out air bubbles as the dough passes through. 

Dough is pulled through an initial set of upper and bottom rollers, then past through a flexible stainless steel curling wire mesh net, and lastly pressed by a mounted pressure board which consistently curls and molds the dough to satisfy the final desired output. 

Toast moulder     Toast Moulder

All dough moulder machines are processed on top and flows towards one direction, which possibly allows for the most rapid processing speed. An adjustable pressure board is lifted and lowered with a control knob. Easily adjust the board to a precise height that will guarantee a desired curling finish. 

The machine can also be utilized to rapidly sheet dough by raising the pressure board and lifting the curling chains off their holder. An integrated tray holder is positioned above the conveyor belt for convenient loading. An optional extended input chute cover is available to satisfy more stringent safety standards in some work environments. This Dough Moulder Machine requests very little labor to install, and is mounted on four wheels for mobility. 




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