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Multifunctional Bread Making Production Line

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The multifunctional bread making production line is to use raw materials such as flour and rice, as well as other auxiliary materials, to make various kinds of bread.The different ingredients make the bread taste different.The bread made by the bread mechanism is mainly divided into ordinary bread, French bread, whole wheat or multigrain bread, mild bread, sweet bread and steamed bread, rolls and so on.Different kinds of bread make different kinds of bread.

Bread forming machine to produce dough after three rollers rolling thin filling, safe operation, simple, no need to hand feeding, no damage to the dough tissue, so that the product is shiny, stable quality, uniform size.

A bread production line, including hair and mixer, dough processing workbench, wake up box and oven used to bake bread, described the dough processing workstation setup JiaGongTai, described JiaGongTai are set on both sides of the article is blocked, described JiaGongTai described the dough processing on one side of the workbench described Settings are used to undertake processing on powder collection box,The collection box is between the extension line of the two groups of the retaining bars, and the processing table between the two groups of the retaining bars is provided with a sweeping block for sweeping the remaining powder on the processing table, and the length of the sweeping block is equal to the length between the two groups of the retaining bars.

By using the technical scheme, the use of the two sides of the processing table to block the powder in the processing table in the dough kneading process, to avoid the powder from the dough processing table before and after the two sides of the scattered to the ground at the same time to gather the powder.In addition, in the end, after kneading dough processing can use placed in the back of the two block between pieces of the powder of JiaGongTai mesa back to one side, and finally use JiaGongTai side collection boxes on JiaGongTai mesa powder are collected, and achieve rapid cleaning JiaGongTai mesa and the residual powder recycling, improve work efficiency, reduce the cost.

Multifunctional Bread Making Production LineMultifunctional Bread Making Production Line




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