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How should a novice baker choose a bread oven?

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The first thing to learn to bake is to choose a suitable bread oven for yourself. An easy-to-use bread oven can definitely make your journey on the baking road smoother! So what kind of bread oven is right for you?

First, choose a bread oven with a constant temperature function. During the whole baking process, the temperature in the oven is constant, making baking easier.

Second, general bakery uses deck oven or rotary oven. Now many baking ovens have different energy sources. You can choose to use oil, gas or electric ovens according to your own convenience. The functions of the oven are also very complete, depending on which one you like to use. Generally, the bread baked in a rotary oven has a more uniform color and a larger capacity. Many bakery use tunnel ovens, which are generally small tunnel ovens.

Third, no matter what price of bread oven you choose, the following functions must be available:

1. Temperature control function, that is to say, your oven must have a constant temperature function, the general temperature range is 30-250 degrees, but note that some ovens actually control the temperature from 70 degrees. There is no problem in baking. But if you have a low temperature of 30 degrees, you can use it as a fermentation tank, such as yogurt.

Two and three-stage fire control function means that your oven should have these three heating options: upper heating, lower heating and simultaneous heating up and down. Most ovens meet this requirement, but note that some ovens are called three There are only two options: upper heating and upper and lower heating at the same time.


3. The grill is divided into at least three layers. In order to meet the heating needs of different foods, the oven should have a higher inner liner for better use, and then there should be at least three layers of upper, middle and lower grills. Other functions that will add points. Heating program selection function. Some mid-range electronic ovens will have pre-programmed heating programs for selection. This will automatically change the heating time, heating method or rotating food during the baking process, which will be more convenient and successful The rate is high, but there is less fun in baking yourself.

4. The cleaning of automatic degreasing and disinfecting ovens is also a common problem. Some ovens can be pulled out or have their own degreasing function, which is very important for some "lazy cancer" patients. Some ovens will be additionally equipped with an ultraviolet heating tube, which not only heats up quickly, but also can be sterilized by high temperature, of course, the price will be higher.

5. Bonus gadgets In addition to the grill, it’s better to have gadgets such as bakeware, grippers, etc., which will be much more convenient.

Have you learned yet? If you have different opinions or suggestions, welcome to communicate with us.

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