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The difference between commercial and domestic ovens

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                                                 The difference between commercial and domestic ovens

AOCNO have been in the commercial ovens for over 36 years. Our main commercial ovens are .A real commercial oven gives better results than an ordinary home oven.Please check the differences between commercial and domestic ovens.

  1. Oven size: The capacity of general household ovens does not need to be too large. There are many types of household electric ovens on the market, ranging from less than 10L to more than 40L, which can meet the needs of different families.

  2. The temperature of the oven: The general household oven has a small volume, and the temperature is basically stable and uniform; while commercial ovens have strict requirements for temperature stability and uniformity, and different commercial uses require different temperature ranges. If it is to bake pizza, it needs to be professional Pizza oven.

  3. Oven power: This is one of the differences between commercial ovens and household ovens. The power of commercial ovens is much larger than that of households. Generally, household electric meters cannot meet the requirements. Moreover, high-power commercial ovens are not required for home use.

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