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Vertical Dough Mixe Functions

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Vertical dough mixer is a kind of kitchen equipment used in the kitchen.The spiral stirring hook is driven by a transmission device to rotate in the mixing tank, and the mixing tank is driven by the transmission device to rotate at a constant speed.

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The flour in the tank is constantly pushed, pulled, kneaded and pressed, fully stirred and rapidly mixed, so that the dry flour can get even hydration, expand the gluten, and become a dough with certain elasticity, elasticity and even flow

  • Functions

A. Stirring---stirring butter, cheese, milk, eggs, etc.;
B. knead---knead the dough
C. Mix---make juice, mix jam, noodles, mix smoothies, mix cold vegetables, etc.;

  • Precautions

  1. Open the cover of the Vertical dough mixer before starting and using, and make sure there are no other items in the mixer before using.

  2. Before starting the Vertical dough mixer, the plug and socket shall be well connected, and there shall be no sundries affecting the operation of the motor, and the power shall be reconnected.

  3. Operate the kneading machine and add flour. Operators must be in front of the kneading machine, not on the left or right.

  4. Flour must be poured before water, and then switch on.

  5. Regularly check whether the motor belt and protection device are normal;If any problem is found, power off in time, report to general Affairs Department for repair immediately, and assist in maintenance;The machine must never be used in sickness.

  6. The amount of feeding surface shall not exceed the loading capacity of the Vertical dough mixerto prevent the accident of motor belt slipping and motor short circuit caused by overload.

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